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DJ Nergie

Born and raised in Thessaloniki (Greece) and she moved to Athens at the age of 18 where she made her first upload to Soundcloud in 2011.

She composed her first songs as a singer and songwriter to pop punk bands, where she performed and being a guitarist at many festivals and rock stages. At the meantime she developed a knack for music by studying music technology and Dj-ing and she ended up playing as vocalist and Dj to many clubs. Soon she went from obsessing dance club music to write pop,trap,dancehall,afro-house music. She has involved with two music labels where she released the track “Game” and continues to collaborate with many producers and brings always fresh vibes. With the release of Paradise in collaboration with the producer Dimitris Kontopoulos, Nergie’s ability to create hit records that are uniquely her own are what will continue to make her standout act from now on.

Recent releases: Kokkini karta, Solo.